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Pop quiz: if you were to choose, would you rather pay a professional mechanic to get a vehicle repair done or do it on your own without spending a dime? Well, the answer depends on how much money you earn and how much extra time you have. If you think you can afford to pay for expensive bills and virtually have no time to spare, the first option would definitely suit your lifestyle. But if you're just a regular guy with a white collar job, performing your own vehicle maintenance is the practical choice. Now, if there's one good thing about the latter option, it's the fact that there are brands like Actron that can help you with such tasks. By providing you with handy devices like the Actron Timing Light, rest assured that your job becomes easier.

From the get-go, Actron is a brand that aims to help DIYers when it comes to performing their own vehicle repairs. By producing technologically advance gadgets that can assist you while you're working, you'll be surprised how easy it is to accomplish complicated tasks like tweaking the engine's timing. Another cutting-edge device that every vehicle owner would find useful is the Actron Ignition Tester. With the help of this component, you can easily pinpoint the part inside the ignition system that's causing the problem. By testing a wire or a plug, you'll immediately see if it's still capable of transferring high-voltage electricity.

Now, if you're searching for an Actron product that you can employ not only for your rig, the Actron Infrared Thermometer is what you need. This device can instantly tell you the temperature inside your vehicle's cabin; thus, letting you know if the air conditioning system works or not. But aside from this, you can also use it to measure other things that are not car related. All you have to do is to aim the scanner at the object that you want to test and press the button to scan. You can see the results afterwards at the reading display.