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A.I.M. commits to providing every vehicle innovative ways to maintain important parts and systems.

A.I.M. offers nothing but only innovative, high-quality, and durable OEM-fit replacement ignition parts for every auto make's and model's specifications.

Each A.I.M ignition part and accessory is designed for the average DIYer, thereby saving time and money during installation!

A.I.M's high manufacturing standards result in innovative and top-notch ignition parts like the A.I.M. ignition lock assembly.

Every automobile has an ignition lock assembly made up of a remotely located ignition switch and a lock cylinder. This assembly is positioned on the dash of the vehicle or somewhere in the driver's control area. It is connected to the ignition circuit for proper bolting and unbolting and is used to start and operate the car. Under normal conditions, the ignition switch and lock assembly can last everyday pressures. But, it is still best that you get upgraded and higher-quality aftermarket assemblies like the A.I.M. ignition lock assembly. This assembly will perfectly fit your make and model, ensuring that the ignition circuit will work at its best for a no-hassle start every time you insert the key to crank the engine. Installation of this assembly is also easy as each pack already contains everything you will need. Like any A.I.M. product, the A.I.M. ignition lock assembly is designed for DIY purposes. And because it is OEM-like in fit and specifications, no further modifications are necessary during mounting. In less time and effort, you can restore the operation of your auto with this new ignition lock. And, you can also enjoy great savings because you will not hire any professional help anymore. So, getting reliable aftermarket products like the A.I.M. ignition lock assembly is definitely a good choice!