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Air BOX Thermostat

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Your vehicle has more than one use for a thermostat. Aside from the thermostat located in the engine's cooling system, a thermostat can also be found in your vehicle's air box. The air box, which contains the air filter, is ambient air's first stop in your vehicle.The air box thermostat is responsible for operating a mixing valve that combines cool ambient air and pre-heated air from the exhaust manifold. This mixing process ensures that the air taken into the engine bay is at a more or less consistent temperature.You have to remember to regularly check on the air box thermostat, though. The thermostat can cause the valve to allow only hot air to reach the mass air flow sensor, possibly affecting fuel injection.To make sure that doesn't happen, replace the air box thermostat as needed. You can check out Carparts's catalogs for a complete line of air box thermostats.

• Improves the functions of your vehicle's air intake system

• Makes sure the engine receives air at a consistent temperature

• Helps the mass air flow sensor work properly