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Pro ACT Brake Pads by Akebono

Akebono Pro ACT Brake Pads: A Comprehensive Guide for Every User

Surely, you read a lot of reviews and compare product prices before you purchase a new gadget. You should do exactly the same before buying your replacement brake pads. You must do your research first to learn more about the product you're intending to buy. If you're eyeing the Akebono Pro Act brake pads, here are some important bits of information that can help you decide if they're really worth your money:

What makes them reliable: A perfect OE replacement-this is what Akebono says about its product. Manufactured under OE specifications, these pads are proven to perform as efficiently as the original brake pads. Made from the same OE pad materials such as ceramic and copper fibers, these brake pads are able to provide strong and quick braking response during crucial driving situations. Even without proper car warm up, you'll notice the optimum braking prowess of these pads in an instant. They are heat scorched during the production process, that's why they don't require high operating temperature to function properly. For a smoother and quieter operation, each pad has a corresponding shim. This shim acts as a damping device that significantly reduces friction between the pad and the rotor. Available in black powder coat finish, these pads can remain rust free for years. If you're concerned about dust and pollution, there's no need to worry. These special brake pads are asbestos free, hence the extremely low amount of brake dust.

Where they fit: Perfect for daily driving and travel, these brake pads fit most coupes, sedans, pick-up trucks, and SUVs.

How to prolong the service life of your Akebono Pro Act brake pads: Stress and abuse are the most common causes of brake pad failure. If you want to maximize the lifespan of your brake pads, make it a habit to apply your brakes only when your car is moving at slower speeds. This will prevent the rotor from tapering the brake pads. Because of reduced material wear, your pads can last longer. Aside from changing your driving habits, it's also a must to keep a regular brake pad maintenance schedule. This entails a thorough inspection of your pads to determine if they already need replacement or repair. Don't forget to keep your brake fluid cylinders full. Brake fluid also helps in delivering strong stopping force, so don't forget this vital component.

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Akebono Pro ACT Brake Pads Articles

  • What Can You Expect from Akebono Pro ACT Brake Pads

    If you're still wondering why you've chosen a set of Akebono Pro ACT brake pads out of the hundred other pad options, this article is for you. After reading this, you will be more familiar with this car product. One of the things that you should know first is Akebono brake pads belong to the top-selling products in the market. These pads are known for their strong brake bite and ease of installation. Made from the finest ceramic fibers, these brake components are proven to last longer than organic and semi-metallic pads. Those are only a few basic information. If you want to know more, read on.

    How well do they perform? (4/5 points)

    When it comes to performance, Akebono deserves four high points. The main reason for this high rating is the strong stopping force that these pads provide. Even if the car is moving at 70-80 mph, these brake pads have the ability to make it stop in an instant. They are very reliable especially during crucial driving situations. Aside from making you feel safe, these brake pads can also save you from hours of tire maintenance and cleaning. Because these pads are 100% Asbestos free, they do not produce lots of brake dust. You can use them for weeks and still they won't make your rims and wheels dirty. Also, these pads are considered as the quietest brake pads in the market. With their slotted and shimmed surface, these pads don't rub hard against the rotors.

    Are they easy to install? (4/5 points)

    Akebono Pro Act pads are fairly easy to install. You'll experience very minimal difficulties during the process. There are instances when the pads might require a bit of trimming, so you can easily slide them off onto the back of the brake calipers. But overall, setting up your brake pads is an easy peasy task as long as you have all the needed tools.

    Are they worth the price? (4/5 points)

    Akebono Pro Act ceramic pads may be more expensive than organic pads, but they are definitely worthy of your money. Ceramic pads are known to last for years, so you don't have to worry about frequent replacements. These pads are also very soft on the rotors. By using Akebono ceramic pads regularly, you are able to prolong the service life of your rotors, too.

    Overall rating: 4/5