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Alfa Romeo Spider Ignition Wire Set

Common Effects of a Bad Alfa Romeo Spider Ignition Wire Set

Your ignition wire set is placed between the electrical system and your spark plug. It functions as a terminal for the electricity to travel from the ignition coil to your spark plug. Since this wire set is an essential part for fuel combustion, a problem with it causes a lot of engine performance issues. To know whether your ignition wire set is going bad, you need to be aware of the symptoms it causes. Following are some of these.

Rough idle

Having your engine running rough at idle is one of the most common signs of a faulty ignition wire set. There may be a bad wire that delivers less or no energy to a spark plug. This results in abnormal fuel combustion. As an effect, your engine runs rough as early as it starts. However, you should note that this symptom may also be caused by problems with other parts such as your spark plug, ignition coil, and ignition module. When you experience a rough idle, check these parts and pinpoint which one is causing the problem.

Engine surge

Another sign that you need to replace your Alfa Romeo Spider ignition wire set is engine surge. This is another effect of a bad wire in your set. Your car may seem fine at idle, but since there is irregular fuel combustion and energy production, your engine struggles and surges. This is particularly common when you are driving uphill or carrying a heavy load.

Bad catalytic converter

A single faulty wire in your Alfa Rome Spider ignition wire set causes bad firing and poor fuel combustion. When this happens, unburned fuel passes through your exhaust system. This damages your catalytic converter because it is only designed to deal with exhaust fumes. This is evident through a strong fuel odor coming from your exhaust pipe. If you notice this odor, check your catalytic converter and the wire set immediately.

Engine fire

This is a rare but serious effect of a bad ignition wire set. This symptom is a combination of a fuel leak and a bad wire. When there is a break or crack on a wire, the current it conducts arcs on other metal parts under your hood. In the event that the electricity arcs on a metal surface with fuel leak, it is sure to catch fire.

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  • Proper Care of Your Alfa Romeo Spider Ignition Wire Set

    Fuel combustion is of paramount importance to your roadster. It is the actual process that makes your car run. With this, you need to make sure the parts that assist in this process are always in working condition. This includes your ignition wire set. These wires deliver energy from the electrical system to your spark plugs. The more efficient these wires are, the better your spark plugs fire. With this important role, your Alfa Romeo Spider ignition wire set should be maintained well. Following are some ways you would find useful.

    Clean your ignition wire set from time to time.

    Thin film of dirt may develop around the boots of your ignition wires. These buildups together with moisture form a conductive path that absorbs the current that is supposed to go to your spark plugs. As a result, your engine dies or runs rough. This is particularly common during humid days. With this, you need to keep your ignition wires clean. Multi-purpose auto cleaner is enough to remove dirt buildup.

    Often inspect your ignition wire set.

    It is advisable to inspect your ignition wires every 40,000 miles of travel. Look for heat marks, spots, or cracks that are caused by rubbing with other parts in your engine. You also need to check the metal clips on both sides of the wires as they are prone to developing green corrosions. All these signs cause poor electrical conduction that may affect your engine's performance.

    Always replace your ignition wires in sets.

    You want your engine to run smoothly. This is only possible through equal performance among your Alfa Romeo Spider ignition wire set. Having your ignition wires performing differently would give your roadster's computer a hard time to adjust. With this, it is recommended to replace your whole ignition wire set even when only one of your wires goes bad. The same principle goes to your spark plugs.

    Apply dielectric grease on the boots located on both sides of your ignition wires.

    Moisture and dirt take away the electricity that is supposed to be delivered to your spark plugs. Applying dielectric grease on the boots of your ignition wires keeps moisture away from them. Also, it makes it easier to remove your wires in the future.