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Alignment Kit

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Efficient as they may be, your car's wheels could perform even better. One way to enhance performance is by adjusting the wheels' alignment settings using an alignment kit. You see, your vehicle's stock suspension is factory-tuned to produce understeer around corners.That's because new drivers handle understeer better than a terrifying oversteer. If you look closely at the rear tires, you'll find them sitting with negative camber; this means both tires are leaning into each other.Negative camber causes the outer tire to straighten up against the road while you're cornering, maximizing tire grip. If you're going for performance, zero rear camber plus negative front camber is more like it. This setup is possible only with an alignment kit.Adjusting your car's wheels is an easy do-it-yourself project. Not only will you be able to slide the rear tires to create oversteer, you'll also be able to maintain high speeds even while cornering. Let Carparts help you in your quest for speed and performance.

• Lets you adjust both rear and front tire camber settings

• Perfect for racing applications

• Available for all makes and models