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AMO offers a complete line of performance auto parts and accessories for both OEM replacements and aftermarket upgrades.

All AMO OEM and aftermarket parts are durable and long-lasting, thanks to the brand's innovative and stringent manufacturing processes.

DIY mounting procedures are possible with AMO replacement parts-they're driver-friendly and will help save on expenses.

From acc. belt idler pulleys to oil pumps and alternators, AMO ensures complete automotive coverage.

Have you ever ridden a Ferris wheel? Wonder how the machine manages to manipulate the wheel movement: gigantically circulating and then idling and stopping when the operator decides to? That's the power of pulleys working through the motor system right at the operator's desk. This is also how the AMO acc. belt idler pulley works when mounted in your auto. Under normal conditions, your auto's stock acc. belt idler pulley can provide enough tension to the accessory belt for its efficient operations. But, as years take toll on the pulley and as it suffers all the daily abuse, it can also wear out. Worse, it can slip and imperil the overall operation of your vehicle. So, at the first sign of damage, replace it at once and don't settle for anything less than the AMO acc. belt idler pulley. Its 3D computer-aided design ensures accurate specs and makes it just right for your auto, so you can expect for a fast and easy installation. It is also built from heavy-duty glass-filled polymers, so you can be sure that this belt idler pulley is strong. Its smooth surface guarantees tighter dimensional tolerances so that it won't wear the belt immediately. At its center, you will find a maintenance-free bearing with lifetime lubrication. The AMO acc. belt idler pulley is an ideal replacement.