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AMR replacement parts and accessories are engineered to restore the great performance of all automobiles on the road!

AMR parts are all manufactured from premium and heavy-duty materials that ensure the finest quality.

From entire systems to specific small auto parts like the AMR steering damper bush., AMR provides only the best!

AMR is committed to customer service, so it makes all of its auto parts customer-friendly and budget-friendly.

Automobile balls and sockets have always been compared to human knees and joints. They are similar not only in the way they function in their specific systems; their composition and parts can also be compared. In your knees and joints, you have the cartilage; in your automobile parts employing ball and socket, you have bushings. There are plenty of bushings in your vehicle, used in different parts and systems. For your steering damper, there is a steering damper bush. that absorbs impacts during the damper's movement. And since this function is crucial to the overall performance of your steering and suspension systems, upgrading to an AMR steering damper bush. is a must. This bushing is perfect as a replacement to your stock in case it's already erratic. Upgrading or replacing your stock with this heavy-duty bushing from AMR will surely improve the handling and ride quality of your vehicle, so you can enjoy your ride even at extended hours! The AMR steering damper bush. is also designed for DIY procedures, so you can save a lot of your hard-earned money. This will also ensure that you'll be more familiar with your vehicle and you won't need not pay a pro each time there's a problem. On top of all these, the AMR steering damper bush. is designed from the finest materials, so you can expect it to last long.