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Header Pipe by ANSA

Do you want to squeeze out more power from your vehicle? One effective way to do this is to upgrade your exhaust system. However, only few motorists understand this. Many believe that an exhaust system upgrade gives only limited benefits. If you are among them, it's time that you realize that a high-performance exhaust system delivers great benefits especially when an Ansa header pipe is installed in your vehicle

An exhaust system upgrade means incorporating big exhaust pipes like a header pipe and low-restriction mufflers into your vehicle to reduce the exhaust back pressure and therefore to produce deeper and throatier tone. Since your engine is an air pump, a high-performance exhaust system enables the engine to pump and flow air with less interruption. Overall, more power will be freed up and at the same time the horsepower output will increase. When this is achieved, your car's fuel economy also increases, which sounds like big savings on your part. You get to enjoy all these benefits by using Ansa exhaust system parts like the Ansa header pipe.

The Ansa header pipe is just one of the Ansa exhaust products available in the automotive market today. It is made from either aluminum or stainless steel for durability and serviceability. To fully enhance your vehicle's exhaust performance, back up your Ansa header pipe with other Ansa products such as the Ansa muffler, catalytic converter, and distributor. Buying them is definitely not a waste of money since they are guaranteed to perform better than your stock exhaust parts. So when time comes that you need to replace a damaged exhaust component, say the header pipe, go for the topnotch brand-Ansa. Inner Auto Parts has a complete line of exhaust products to choose from and that makes us a good option. See more of our Ansa replacement parts from our user-friendly online catalog.

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