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From a/c parts to transmission components, APA can be trusted for its dedication to quality.

Mounting an APA trans. mount bushing and an APA trans. mount spring seat will surely improve transmission performance.

The APA acc. belt tension adj. guarantees proper accessory drive and efficient use of engine power.

The APA a/c temp. switch ensures an efficient cooling system operation without overheating and hassles.

Accuracy plays a great part in driving-in your timing, in your maneuvers, and even in the operation of various auto parts. There must be accurate timing in the supply of spark, fuel, and air; accurate reading by various sensors; and finally, accurate tension in the belts. Belt tension is crucial in driving various parts like the water pump and alternator. And to ensure that the accessory belt gets accurate tension at all times, you need an APA acc. belt tension adj. What makes accurate belt tension so important? First, engine power is transmitted to other parts via the belt, and not enough tension means engine power not reaching these parts and instead wasted. You wouldn't want that, would you? Second, a loose belt not supplying enough power to various parts equate to said parts not working well. That would be so much of a hassle. And third, a loose belt can damage other components, which only means troubles and more expenses on repairs and replacements. Therefore, accurate acc. belt tension is a must. And, only a high-quality acc. belt tension adj. like the APA acc. belt tension adj. can ensure that. Designed to provide correct belt tension and ensure a longer belt life, the APA acc. belt tension adj. is a good choice.

You've seen people at the side of the road dealing with the smoke coming from the hood of their vehicle, and you've probably wished it wouldn't happen to you. Bringing that wish to reality is actually easy if you know what causes overheating. It could range from the radiator being damaged to the a/c temp. switch not working well. And while you may face great expenses replacing a damaged radiator, getting an APA a/c temp. switch should be easy and convenient. This switch turns the auxiliary fan on and off according to the coolant temperature. There's usually a pre-set temperature according to the heat the coolant must reach before it requires cooling. When the coolant reaches that temperature, the fan must work to provide proper cooling and keep the coolant from getting so hot. Otherwise, that's when you'll find yourself at the side of the road dealing with all that smoke. Well, a simple switch damage could cause that, so it's important that you get one as reliable as the APA a/c temp. switch. And with that, remember that you need to perform periodic maintenance in your auto's cooling system to monitor wear and tear among various cooling parts. With this guaranteed and the APA a/c temp. switch securely mounted, there's nothing more you can worry about.

Feeling unwanted vibrations along the driveline of your auto? You must check the cause of that vibration. Otherwise, you must prepare yourself for a big trouble. That vibration is most likely coming from the rattling of the transmission as it operates with the engine. If you're familiar with the engine's and transmission's operation, you probably know how much forces are involved. And when uncontrolled, these forces can do a lot of damage. Your transmission has a mount that keeps it in place, but that mount isn't enough. You must also have an APA trans. mount bushing installed. Among the transmission problems that may involve the mount or its bushing are louder-than-normal noises in the transmission area, unwanted vibrations, and a shaking shifter. If you ignore these problems, there's a big probability that all the shaking and rattling will cause great damage to the affected components like various transmission parts. So, do an inspection at once and if it's the trans. mount bushing, get a replacement APA trans. mount bushing immediately. This bushing is made from foam rubber and will guarantee zero vibrations and noise. It's engineered using specific processes that ensure longer-lasting life to ensure transmission protection. The APA trans. mount bushing is an ideal replacement to your damaged bushing.