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APS is the brand to look for when in need of a top-notch grille.

Each APS grille is meticulously manufactured in an ISO-9001 certified factory.

APS stocks over 40,000 sets of grilles and 2700 applications of auto parts in their 60,000 sq. ft warehouse.

APS has also added Chrome accessories, HID kit, bull bar and side bar to their extensive product line.

Sometimes, people get tired of seeing the same old thing over and over again. The same goes for car owners. No matter how much you love your car, there'll always be that urge to change the way it looks. Well, you don't have to go all crazy to give your car a new look. You don't even have to spend a fortune. All it takes is a simple facelift to give your car that unique and elegant look. What you need is the APS Grille. Take a close look at your stock grille. It's, well, stock just like everyone else's. If you want to set your car apart from the hundreds like it on the road, you have to do away with your old grille for a shinier and more eye-catching one. That is exactly what the APS Grille is. It'll set your car apart from all the rest. APS makes its grilles from premium aluminum and stainless steel. These give the product exceptional durability and corrosion resistance against road salt, water or automotive chemicals. Compared to your stock grille as well as most OEM brands, this grille will take a lot of pounding before getting seriously damaged. It's not all looks, either. Each grille improves the flow of air into your engine bay, thereby helping in reducing heat buildup. It's form and function put into one. What are you waiting for? Treat your car to a new look. Get your hands on the APS Grille now!

Most car owners get into the habit of sticking all sorts of accessories on their cars. What they usually end up with are overly exaggerated appearances from useless modifications. With too many fancy accessories, your car may end up looking 'ricey' or cheap. Not with the APS Bumper Grille. Few car owners are aware that they can actually stick grilles into their bumpers. It totally makes perfect sense. Take a glimpse at the front bumper of your car, or any car for that matter. There are air vents, right? Those vents help in directing air into your engine bay to keep heat levels down. However, these vents become the perfect entrance for rocks, pebbles and other road debris. And when they find their way into your engine bay, they can easily damage engine parts like the radiator and air conditioning condenser. That's the problem with stock bumpers - the air vents are left wide open to welcome rocks. Why not cover them up for protection? The APS Bumper Grille is perfect for covering up those air vents. With an ultra-stylish bumper grille fitting snugly on your bumper, engine parts are protected and people are going to notice. That's form and functionality at its finest. Forget cheap ricey aftermarket accessories and get the APS Bumper Grille now!

Most cars you see on the road all look the same. But once in a while, something catches your attention - a shiny front grille. Now, how would you like other motorists to do exactly what you did when you saw it? That's easy. Replace your stock grille. But don't do what others do. Go further up a notch and get some real good stuff for your car. Get the APS Billet Grille. APS has plenty of custom designs to choose from. Don't just randomly choose one out of the catalog. You have to pick one which best suites your personality and lifestyle. That'll make your aura ooze onto your car and people will take notice. It's all about changing the look of your car so it reflects the way you are as a person - strong, brave, aggressive, dominating, whatever. By choosing a unique design, people will look at your car and will be able to tell that it's you behind the wheel. The APS Billet Grille comes in so many eye-catching designs and is made of either aluminum or stainless steel. With its sturdiness and high corrosion resistance, each billet grille will last throughout your car's lifetime. It's time to give your car the attention it deserves. Give it a head-turning APS Billet Grille.