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Arai-Seisakusho uses synthetic rubbers and fluorine resins in the manufacture of its products, ensuring their durability and strength.

From oil seals to gaskets, Arai-Seisakusho covers a whole lot of applications.

Arai-Seisakusho combines the best materials and most unique technological processes to produce seals and gaskets of the finest quality.

The Arai-Seisakusho carb. insulator gasket guarantees a tight seal with zero leaks and hassles.

To correctly diagnose an illness, you need to be familiar with the symptoms. However, there are confusing signs that may result to incorrect diagnosis, and ultimately, inappropriate treatment. In your vehicle, leaks are among the "illnesses" that are difficult to diagnose. They occur in various points of your auto-in between the carburetor and the intake manifold where you have the carb. insulator gasket, in engine fittings, and in all other connecting parts. Leaks generate symptoms that may point to other auto parts, and replacing these parts is frustrating when you find out in the end that the problem is still there. To avoid leaks, you need gaskets and seals made from the finest materials. One is the Arai-Seisakusho carb. insulator gasket. Stock gaskets, unlike this high-quality product, may wear out over time because of heat and exposure to chemicals like gasoline. And when leaks occur, among the problems they cause are rough idle or stalling, misfiring during acceleration, or hesitation. And, when it's a fuel leak, explosion may even occur. And because leaks are difficult to diagnose, periodic inspection is important. When discovered, replacing the culprit is a must. Getting an Arai-Seisakusho carb. insulator gasket to replace your damaged stock gasket is the best move. Made from the finest materials using state-of-the-art processes, the Arai-Seisakusho carb. insulator gasket guarantees a no-leak, no-danger drive.