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All parts offered by Armstrong Distributors guarantee efficient performance and long life.

Armstrong Distributors acc. belt tension pulleys ensure no-slack, no-hassle, and no-failure belt operation.

Replacing your stock couplings with the Armstrong Distributors acc. shaft coupling kit will guarantee a revived driving experience.

From coupling and grommets to the Armstrong Distributors steering rack bush. kit, you can expect better drivability and handling.

If you have a vehicle whose engine drives other auto accessories like the water pump, you need to pay more attention to its various components. Why? Damage in a single component can result to problems with other neighboring parts. So how does your engine drive the water pump and other auto parts? The answer is a belt, which transmits power from the engine to other components. However, the belt still needs a high-quality Armstrong Distributors acc. belt tension pulley to ensure its efficient operation and avoid possible problems. This pulley is designed to handle any slack in the belt to ensure smooth operation. The Armstrong Distributors acc. belt tension pulley is a good choice because it features great structural strength and high load-carrying capacity. It is resistant to wear and runs cool. And, it has a smooth surface and tight dimensional tolerance, minimizing vibrations and ensuring longer belt life-a lot of benefits from such a simple part. All you need is to just remember that when you get a new Armstrong Distributors acc. belt tension pulley, see to it that the ball bearing has a lifetime lubrication to ensure that you'll have a worry-free drive once the tension pulley is installed.

Noticed a significant change in your drive lately? Felt a reduction in the efficiency of your vehicle's driveshaft? Better check it at once to avoid hassles and even road accidents. Driveshafts are critical and quite complicated components, and damage in a part as simple as a coupling can cause big troubles. So if the problem's with the coupling, don't hesitate to get an Armstrong Distributors acc. shaft coupling kit at once. You see, the driveshaft works with other shafts to make your auto run and turn successfully, and a coupling is a must for transmitting motion from one shaft to another. The acc. shaft coupling kit from Armstrong Distributors contains a pair of couplings good for one shaft. The couplings are tough and can be expected to withstand environmental elements, as well as all the stress caused by the shaft's operation. And because these are resistant to wear and tear, you can still expect a better drive, and a safe one at that, even after years of use. The Armstrong Distributors acc. shaft coupling kit does not include new bolts, so you would need to use your old ones. And, you must not forget to balance the driveshaft after the installation of the Armstrong Distributors acc. shaft coupling kit to achieve best results and to bring back the efficiency of your drive.

A steering rack problem is not only annoying-it's dangerous. But, before you head to your mechanic and before you bid your precious dollars goodbye, be sure that the problem is really with the entire rack. It could be just the bushing, in which case you need not spend even half of the rack's price. Just get an Armstrong Distributors steering rack bush. kit, affordable and efficient, and you can get back to the road. The steering rack has to work hard to transfer the force from the steering wheel to the auto wheels, and in between various points in the rack are bushings, those small and often neglected rubber or plastic parts that suffer much of the pressure during the steering rack's operation. Over time, the bushing wears out and that's when problems arise. Now, the solution's easy with the Armstrong Distributors steering rack bush. kit. A complete steering rack bush. kit, it contains one grommet, one large bushing, and one small bushing to cover all three mounting locations. All components included in the kit have been tested to ensure reliable quality and longer life. And with two of the components included not offered as separate bushing by dealers, the Armstrong Distributors steering rack bush. kit is really a great choice!