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ASCO/Aisin is at the forefront of automotive technology creating top-notch products in almost all automobile-related fields.

ASCO/Aisin offers a wide range of automotive products that all embody the company's 'Quality First' principle.

ASCO/Aisin ensures that its customers enjoy safety, performance, design and comfort.

ASCO/Aisin is the industry leader when it comes to automatic transmissions and other drive train related products.

Automatic transmission vehicles have become popular these days. That's because this type of transmission has helped eliminate our dependency on the clutch to change speeds. But even though it made things easy, automatic transmission isn't without any drawbacks. It too can malfunction over time. So to ensure its smooth operation, it needs to be backed up by an AT solenoid. The product that can help serve as a perfect right-hand man is the ASCO/Aisin AT Solenoid. This electro-hydraulic valve controls the flow of fluid that courses through the automatic transmission. It can be placed in your vehicle's transmission valve body and is left either open or closed. To keep the ASCO/Aisin AT Solenoid operational, this component relies on the current that comes from the transmission controller. Since your automatic transmission relies heavily on this component, ASCO/Aisin had its AT solenoid built from quality materials. Each one underwent high-precision molding to ensure both its durability and quality. Finally, to ensure a perfect fit, ASCO/Aisin based its product on the measurements of stock AT Solenoid. This makes it easy for you to install since you won't have to make any adjustments to the product. So if you're one of those who decided to jump on the automatic transmission bandwagon, make sure you've got an ASCO/Aisin AT Solenoid. This will keep your transmission from conking out and ensure you get a pleasant driving experience ahead.

Need to pump your brake pedal just to make your car stop? While it's probably a good way of exercising your leg, it doesn't bode well when you drive. The need to pump your brake pedal means it is leaking brake fluid, thanks to a faulty brake master cylinder. Should it run out, you'll have little or no way to stop your car from moving. So the moment this happens, be sure to change your brake master cylinder. And the one product you can put your trust into is the ASCO/Aisin Brake Master Cylinder. Attached to a vehicle's brake booster, the brake master cylinder stores your car's brake fluid. It ensures that your vehicle's brakes get the supply it needs to function properly. So why go for an ASCO/Aisin Brake Master Cylinder? Well, aside from being one of the top suppliers of brake components, ASCO/Aisin has its products go through strict quality testing. This ensures that every brake master cylinder and its parts function properly. It also uses premium materials which make its products more durable and long lasting. Since your brakes are one of your vehicle's safety components, don't wait for the day when you'll need to pump your brake pedal to stop. If you're running on beat-up brake master cylinder parts, shift immediately to an ASCO/Aisin Brake Master Cylinder. That way, you'll be able to stop your vehicle without any problem.

Does your car make grinding sounds whenever you hit the brakes? If it is, then you might as well just walk. The sound that you hear means that your brake pads have completely worn out. Trying to drive your car with the current condition of your brake pads can only lead to disaster. Since you'll need to have it replaced, make sure you get a set that's tough and reliable. And the product that can best offer this is the ASCO/Aisin Brake Pad Set. By installing these brake pads made by ASCO/Aisin, you'll be able to enjoy top braking performance whenever you step on your brake pedal. That's because they're able to apply the right amount of pressure on your brake rotor, causing your vehicle to stop. What makes this product effective is the way ASCO/Aisin constructed its brake pad set. Each pad comes with enhanced fade capabilities and rotor aggression. This means you'll be able to enjoy quality braking performance without having to worry about the brake pads fading quickly. The brake pads that come in each ASCO/Aisin Brake Pad Set also have resistance to wear and squeaking. This gives you the assurance that they'll last a long time despite regular use. So the moment your brake pads have worn out, have them replaced immediately with an ASCO/Aisin Brake Pad Set. That way, you'll be able to stay safe on the road. Thanks to the exceptional braking capabilities it gives.