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AST is the brand to look for when it comes to top-notch suspension products and shock absorbers.

AST manufactures high quality suspension systems that fit a driver's personal requirements and dimensions.

AST values high-accuracy measuring and testing, which reflects in the excellent quality of their products.

AST products all boast of precision engineering and high grade materials.

Most people think of NBA players as the luckiest persons alive. They get to do what they love and are paid millions for it. What their fans don't know is that NBA players suffer joint pains early in life. The common cause is premature wearing of tissues in between bones which makes joint movements painful. Like them, your car's performance can greatly suffer from a damaged acc. shaft coupling. What you need is the AST Acc. Shaft Coupling Kit. The acc. shaft's job is to translate gas pedal movement into throttle valve movement. There may be several other shafts linking the acc. shaft to the throttle body. These are all connected via shaft couplings which allow them to rotate in unison even though they aren't aligned with each other. However, couplings can wear out restricting shaft movement. Once this happens, flooring the gas pedal may not give you enough acceleration. Other acc. shaft coupling kits do not provide enough flexibility for shaft movement, thus limiting shaft rotation. But with the AST Acc. Shaft Coupling Kit, your acc. shaft will have no problem rotating. Its secret lies in the high-quality bearings that AST puts into its products. They're designed to minimize friction and looseness to maximize product durability and performance. Restore your car's accelerator response. You'll feel your car jump with the AST Acc. Shaft Coupling Kit.

Computer viruses are a real pain, especially when it infects important programs and documents. They wreak havoc on your computer, giving it a crazy mind of its own. Sometimes, antivirus programs aren't enough to kill stubborn viruses and you're left with only one drastic action - to format your hard drive. This means wiping out everything including your important files. Likewise, worn-out steering rack bushings will make your car handle like a stubborn animal. Fortunately, solving it is as simple as using the AST Steering Rack Bush. Kit. Your steering rack is mounted on your car's body through several points which are cushioned by rubber bushings. Heat, dirt and moisture can cause these bushings to harden over time, making them brittle. Shattered bushings allow the steering rack to move around, and that will cause severe steering problems. Each AST Steering Rack Bush. Kit comes complete with bushings to cover all mounting points on your rack. Dealers usually sell these items separately, at higher prices. With this steering rack bush. kit, you won't need to go through several dealers to get all the parts you need. Plus, you'll get superb quality and durability that comes from AST's 43 years in the aftermarket parts business. So quit trying to tame that stubborn steering wheel. Get back in control once and for all with the AST Steering Rack Bush. Kit.