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AT Filter

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Cars with automatic transmission (AT) give drivers an effortless time buzzing through heavy traffic. Some, like Porsche's sporty Tiptronic semi-AT system, can really kill challengers on the drag strip.A manual Corvette would likely fall prey to it, getting left behind with every shift. As far as AT goes, however, it's mostly for convenience and practical purposes. It saves fuel as well. You have to take care of it, though. Changing the AT filter is necessary once you feel your car struggling during shifting.You shouldn't wait for it to reach the point where it refuses to shift gears, because that would mean you've already burned out the gearbox. Every time you change AT fluid, you have to change the filter as well. That's because through time, as the fluid gets less and less viscous, it becomes less able to lubricate the gears and shafts.Metal barbs also start to clog the AT filter, further restricting the flow of fluid. If you're in need of a filter replacement, plenty are in stock here at Carparts.

• Filter material keeps contaminants out of AT fluid

• Perfectly fits a wide variety of AT-equipped car models

• Keeps the AT system in top shape