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Products from Atsugi, Unisia and Paraut are accurately engineered to provide precise, high-quality performance.

Unisia, a subsidiary of Hitachi LTD.'s Automotive System's group, is the industry leader in steering systems.

Paraut is a globally recognized manufacturer of top-notch automotive products from suspension steering parts to oil pumps.

Atsugi products are guaranteed to be durable, long-lasting and high quality

Even when your vehicle's just idling on the streets, you should be able to get maximum use out of the engine. That's why you should equip your vehicle with a topnotch Atsugi/Unisia/Paraut auxiliary air valve. This device boosts the engine's power output when the engine isn't fully revved up. Guaranteed to perform more efficiently than OEM auxiliary air valves, this product contains a rotary valve and a bimetallic strip. When your vehicle's engine isn't running on full speed, the bimetallic strip aligns the rotary valve with air hoses in the carburetor. This allows air to pass around the closed throttle and into the carburetor's intake manifold. Once you get the engine fully running again, this air valve's bimetallic strip absorbs heat and closes the valve. Air from the Atsugi/Unisia/Paraut auxiliary air valve helps the engine achieve a higher engine idle speed. And a higher engine idle speed means that the engine generates more power even in an idle state, enough to support various vehicle accessories. Not only that, as long as the Atsugi/Unisia/Paraut auxiliary air valve is connected to the carburetor, you can use the air-conditioning system while your vehicle idles. Just the kind of convenience and functionality you can expect to enjoy when your vehicle uses Astugi/Unisia/Paraut products.

Warping and scarring are two of the most common signs of brake disc damage. Warping happens when your vehicle's brake disc reshapes due to exposure to heat. Scarring, on the other hand, occurs when the disc's surface gets scratches from the brake pad's backing plate or rivets. The good news is, whether the damage is warping or scarring, we offer you the quickest, easiest solution: replace the defective brake disc with an Atsugi/Unisia/Paraut brake disc. This aftermarket brake disc is one of your best options if you're looking to replace your vehicle's damaged brake discs. To ensure durability and strength against heat and damage, each set of Atsugi/Unisia/Paraut's brake discs is made from the finest gray iron. The Atsugi/Unisia/Paraut brake disc's surface features strategically-placed holes, to facilitate heat dissipation. These holes also reduce the risks of warping and scarring, without affecting the brake disc's capacities. You definitely can't go wrong with this Atsugi/Unisia/Paraut product. The brand uses advanced engineering and design to ensure that its brake discs outlast their OE counterparts. Each Atsugi/Unisia/Paraut brake disc is also accurately machined to work perfectly with other brake components in your vehicle. So once you discover that your vehicle's brake discs are damaged, don't hesitate to trust Atsugi/Unisia/Paraut.

You might not know it, but the Atsugi/Unisia/Paraut cam follower could be just the thing you need to improve your vehicle's performance. Attached to the camshaft, a cam follower is responsible for opening and closing the cylinder head's intake and exhaust valves. A reliable cam follower, like that from Atsugi/Unisia/Paraut, is crucial to the properly-timed transfer of energy and gases in the engine. So when the cam follower gets damaged, the engine's timing is thrown off and misfiring occurs. Fortunately, the Atsugi/Unisia/Paraut cam follower is made to prevent these kinds of engine trouble. This aftermarket cam follower is specifically designed for strength against corrosion and bending. So you don't have to worry about this cam follower succumbing to premature damage. Not only that, this Atsugi/Unisia/Paraut product is also accurately machined for uniform smoothness. The Atsugi/Unisia/Paraut cam follower sports a lubricated face that helps the cam follower easily trace the valve's surface. The oil-lubricated face also allows the camshaft to move the cam follower according to the engine's timing, with the intake and exhaust valves opening and closing at the right moments. And with the engine's parts running in perfect timing, you can sit back and enjoy hassle-free driving. What could be better than that?