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Audi A6 Window Regulator

Common Problems of the Audi A6 Window Regulator

Your Audi A6's window regulator is what allows you to open and close your window with just one touch of a button. The window regulator is being run by a motor to move the window up and down within the door frame. But just like every mechanical component in a vehicle, window regulators may also break down and malfunction. Aside from the hassle of not being able to open and close your windows properly, having a faulty window regulator that needs a replacement can be very costly. To avoid this, make yourself familiar of these common problems with windows regulator so you can do a quick fix as soon as you spot the problem.

One or both windows aren't working.

If you notice that one of your Audi A6's windows are not working properly, this could be caused by a bad switch or a wiring problem. Check if the switch is working by using a meter while the ignition is on. If the switch seems working, check your wires for signs of damages by doing a visual inspection. However, if both of the windows have stopped working, a blown fuse or a broken power window relay could be the culprit. To check if it's a blown fuse, look for the fuse associated with the power window in the fuse box. You can refer to your car's owner manual to find where the fuse box is located.

Windows are moving slowly.

If the windows of your Audi A6 are moving slower than they should be, there could be a problem with the alignment of the window mechanism. Due to the constant friction with the window glass, the window mechanism gets out of alignment easily. This could be caused by the grease in the regulator parts that often cakes and dries out. Since cleaning and greasing a window regulator is fairly simple, it would be best to regularly reapply lubricant on these parts including the tracks of mechanism to decrease friction. If the windows' condition didn't improve, you should check the window motor's voltage at the plug while activating the power window button.

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  • How to Keep Your Audi A6 Window Regulator in Top Condition

    Opening and closing your car's windows is a lot easier because of your window regulators. These regulators are the ones responsible with the smooth up and down movement of your vehicle's windows within the door frame with just one simple touch of a button. But just like any other mechanical component in your car, these regulators are also susceptible to damages that may cause serious problems. Aside from the expensive cost of a window regulator replacement, malfunctioning windows due to a faulty regulator can also cause a lot of hassle. That is why it's important to make sure that your car's window regulators are always in their best working condition. Here are a few helpful tips on how to take care of your Audi A6's window regulators.

    Apply grease on a regular basis.

    The constant friction with the window class can cause the window mechanism to go out of alignment. This usually occurs when the grease in some parts of the regulator cakes and dries out. To decrease friction and allow the smooth movement of the mechanism, make it a habit to apply grease on the important parts of the regulator such as the front and back of the regulator pivot points and the window motor. You may also apply grease on the smaller areas of the joints and gears by using a paint brush as an applicator. Just make sure to remove the excess grease with a rag after the application.

    Always check the fuse.

    A blown fuse can cause the windows to stop working altogether. Always check the fuses for disrupted elements to make sure that they are not causing problems on your window regulators. Also, watch out for broken filaments in the fuse. You can check this by pulling the fuse out with your fingers and looking through its transparent case. If you notice that the fuses are blown, have it replaced immediately.

    Test the wiring harness and the switch.

    Bad wiring and faulty switches are also some of the main culprits behind malfunctioning window regulators. Make it a habit to check your wiring harness and switches regularly and watch out for shorts and damages. Shorts most often occur at the wires that get pinched or crimped by a mechanism. If you notice a short in the wiring, simply splice the burnt wire and wrap it with an electrical tape. Also check your switch for problems by using a circuit tester. Most switches come in modules that are already assembled so if you spot a problem with your switch, you may need to replace the entire switch immediately.