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Audi Air Deflector

With the ever-rising cost of fuel, most of us are doing our best to get the most out of our fuel money spent. An Audi air deflector can be a help in fuel economy, built with aerodynamics in mind. An aerodynamic vehicle is more efficient in its use of fuel, with less wind resistance to fight against, keeping the engine from having to work so hard against it. If your vehicle is not cutting through the wind efficiently, that wind resistance is costing you in fuel mileage. The Audi air deflector can help improve the aerodynamics of your vehicle to give it easier passage through the wind and make the work of the engine lighter. The style of Audi air deflector that is best to combat the wind that fights the forward motion of your vehicle is one that mounts on the hood to deflect the flow of air up and over the hood and windshield of your vehicle, allowing your vehicle to cut cleanly through the flow. There are Audi air deflector styles designed for better airflow at the side windows, allowing you to travel with the windows open to save that fuel used by the air conditioning without creating such strong wind drag and loud wind noise. Audi air deflector models are available for the rear window and sunroof as well, to further reduce wind drag over these areas as you travel. The Audi air deflector is an attractive accessory, so you won't have to sacrifice the look of your vehicle to gain fuel efficiency. Our online catalog features a selection of the Audi air deflector at great prices. Our secure site makes it fast and easy to order your Audi air deflector or our toll-free phone line can take your order just as conveniently.