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Audi Air Filter

If your vehicle has been running a little rough lately, perhaps the replacement of your Audi air filter is due. The simple Audi air filter is very important to the efficient operation of your engine. The air that the engine uses to produce combustion passes through the Audi air filter to be cleaned of dirt and debris as it travels to the combustion chambers to add the oxygen to the combustion process. The engine needs a precise balance of oxygen and fuel to produce efficient combustion for the best engine power and performance. If the Audi air filter is clogged or dirty, the airflow to the engine can become obstructed, depriving the engine of the oxygen it needs. This can cause a variety of performance problems in the vehicle, such as rough running or idling, excessive exhaust emissions, and poor fuel mileage. These symptoms are caused by the inability of the engine to burn its fuel efficiently without the proper amount of air to balance the air fuel mixture. The unburned fuel left from this inefficient process can collect in the catalytic converter, possibly causing it to fail. A dirty Audi air filter can allow some of the dirt and debris to get past to cause abrasive damage inside the engine. The Audi air filter is quick and easy to change, requiring just a few minutes of your time and well worth the effort if you consider the trouble a dirty filter can cause. We carry a selection of quality Audi air filter replacements in our online catalog, all at great prices. Our site is secure, making it quick and easy to order your Audi air filter or our toll-free phone line is available for your convenience.