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Audi Brake Caliper

The Audi brake caliper is the component in the braking system of your vehicle that provides the pressure to the brake pads, producing friction to stop the vehicle as it squeezes the brake pads together to contact the rotor. The Audi brake caliper most commonly used in today's vehicles is called the single-piston floating caliper. The Audi brake caliper uses pressure created by the hydraulic brake fluid to move the piston, which in turn causes the brake pads to move inwards to squeeze the brake rotor and stop the motion of the vehicle wheels. The proper function of the Audi brake caliper is crucial to braking safety. If the Audi brake caliper is not applying sufficient pressure to allow the brake pads a good grip on the brake rotor, the vehicle will not be able to stop safely. This can be caused by a leak in the hydraulic system that moves the Audi brake caliper piston, or by malfunction in the caliper itself. The Audi brake caliper can seize, failing to release the brake pad from the rotor, causing them to remain in constant contact to overheat the rotor and cause premature brake pad wear and failure. If the vehicle tends to pull to one side as the brakes are applied, this can be an indication of trouble with your Audi brake caliper. Grinding noises and vibration in the pedal as you stop the vehicle can be signs of a problem as well. We carry a selection of quality Audi brake caliper replacements in our online catalog at great prices. Our secure site makes ordering your Audi brake caliper quick and safe or our toll-free phone line can take your order just as easily.

Audi Brake Caliper Models