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Audi Clutch Kit

The clutch assembly in your vehicle forms the connection between the engine and the transmission, allowing the power from the engine to be transferred to the drive wheels through the transmission. This should be a smooth process, if there is vibration or noise it can indicate the need for replacement of key clutch assembly components, most efficiently done with an Audi clutch kit. The replacement of certain components of the clutch assembly is necessary at certain intervals as part of normal vehicle maintenance. These clutch components that commonly need to be replaced are included in the Audi clutch kit, making the maintenance of the clutch assembly more convenient. For example, the clutch disc is the component that directly contacts the engine flywheel to lock the engine and transmission together, causing them to spin at the same speed to power the vehicle wheels. The clutch disc is coated with a friction material to aid in maintaining solid contact with the flywheel that is quite similar to the coating on a typical brake pad or shoe. This coating will be gradually worn away with normal daily use, making the replacement of the clutch disc necessary. The pressure plate and bearings can often show wear as well, and are commonly included in the Audi clutch kit. The Audi clutch kit makes it easier and less expensive to replace the clutch components, eliminating the need to purchase each part separately for good maintenance. We carry a selection of the Audi clutch kit at great prices in our user-friendly online catalog. Our secure site makes ordering safe and convenient or our toll-free phone line can take your Audi clutch kit order just as efficiently.