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Audi Cooling Fan HUB

The Audi cooling fan is a component in the engine cooling system of your vehicle. The cooling system uses a flow of liquid coolant to remove heat from the engine. As the coolant flows through the engine to remove some of its heat, it becomes very hot and must flow through the radiator cores to reduce its temperature. The heat is dissipated as it passes through the radiator by a flow of cool air provided by the motion of the vehicle and the Audi cooling fan. When the vehicle is moving at slow speeds or idling, the amount of air that flows in through the vehicle grille and passes through the radiator is significantly reduced, making the help of the Audi cooling fan necessary to prevent engine overheating. The Audi cooling fan is mounted behind the radiator in order to draw a flow of cool air through the radiator to aid in cooling the engine. Most models of the Audi cooling fan use a thermostatic switch for more efficient operation, allowing the fan to rotate when the engine is hot, and to rest when its assistance is not needed to cool the engine to a safe operating temperature. This enables the Audi cooling fan to draw power only when it is necessary, conserving it when the air generated by the motion of the vehicle is sufficient to cool the engine without the assistance of the Audi cooling fan. We carry a selection of quality Audi cooling fan replacement parts in our online catalog. Our site is secure, making it fast and safe to order your Audi cooling fan or if you prefer to order by phone, our toll-free phone line is available for your convenience.