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Audi Corner Light

Audi vehicles whether it is A2, A3, S3, A4, S4, RS4, A6, S6, RS6, Allroad Quattro, A8, or TT have something in common; they are all equipped with state-of-the-art technology, unique features and amazing engineering that define a true German vehicle. Audi incorporates a combination of standard equipment and latest innovation such as the engine, cooling, light, exhaust, and other systems. These, when combined make the every Audi unique. All these are functional anytime. But at night, when the darkness sets in, or when the road is barely visible because of fog and rain, comes the importance of the Audi lighting system.

The lighting system is composed of several lights and bulbs which are located in different areas of the Audi according to its function. The headlights are set of lights located at the front of the vehicle attached to the header panel that function to keep the road visible especially at night time driving. Fog lights are another set of light that are located at the front of the vehicle to provide an extra glow on the road especially during precipitation and foggy condition.
Tail lights on the other hand are group of lights that are located at the rear of the vehicle. Tail lights are usually composed of brake lights, turn signal lights, and reverse lights. Each performs their own functions but ultimately, they all function to keep the vehicle safe or visible at the rear.

Located beside the Audi headlights or just below it, at the bumper, are clear corners that make great additions to the vehicle's lighting system to project a sportier Audi, unique from others. Clear corners replace the turn signal lights' position. This set of lights is easy to install, probably one of the easiest in the entire light system. Attached with a knot bolt, a regular screwdriver will do the job efficiently. When attached, clear corners provide an additional beauty to your Audi.