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Audi Exhaust System

The Audi exhaust system is a well-designed and efficient means of removing the waste products produced by engine combustion. The engine uses a series of small explosions in the combustion chambers to produce the power needed to propel the vehicle. This process produces a wave of hot exhaust gasses and sound that must be processed to reduce the harmful chemicals it contains and quiet the noise of combustion, which would be intolerably loud if allowed to exit unrestrained. The Audi exhaust system does this by passing the exhaust fumes and the wave of sound that travels with them through a number of components. The first component in the Audi exhaust system is the exhaust manifold, which collects the exhaust flow as it leaves the exhaust cylinders of the engine. From the exhaust manifold, the sound wave and exhaust fumes pass through the Audi exhaust system to the catalytic converter, where some of the harmful chemicals are sifted out. The next step in the Audi exhaust system is the muffler, which uses a variety of sound reducing techniques to moderate the extreme noise of the engine. Most mufflers use three steps to do this, a perforated tube to reduce pressure as the exhaust is forced through its tiny holes, several baffled chambers to cancel out some of the sound waves, and an insulated outer shell to further reduce sound. After the muffler, the exhaust goes to the final step in the Audi exhaust system, the tailpipe from which it exits into the outside air. We have a selection of quality Audi exhaust system parts in our online catalog at great prices. Our secure and efficient site will make it fast and safe to order your Audi exhaust parts or our toll-free phone line is available for your convenience.

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