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Audi Fuel Injector

Your Audi fuel injectors are an essential part of the fuel delivery system that allows the combustion system to function as it should. If one or more of your Audi fuel injectors has malfunctioned or has completely failed, your vehicle performance will suffer seriously. Some of the symptoms of one of more struggling or failed Audi fuel injectors include a strong odor of fuel in the engine exhaust, an exhaust that has a definite black color to it, excessive fuel usage and significantly decreased fuel mileage, a sudden surging of power, misfiring while the vehicle is in motion, rough running and idling, and stalling. Sometimes Audi fuel injectors malfunction because they are dirty, and while those fuel additives can occasionally help, short of removing the fuel injectors and manually cleaning them, the best solution to dirty fuel injectors is to replace them and take better care of the new ones, by making sure that your fuel filter is clean and taking care to perform routine maintenance procedures regularly, so that the same thing doesn't happen again. There are a wide variety of Audi fuel injectors on the market today, ranging from the standard types of stock replacements to high performance types meant for engines that have had performance modifications and customizations. Our online catalog features a broad selection of Audi fuel injectors, and includes the regular and higher performing options. Like all of our parts and accessories, our Audi fuel injectors are priced reasonably, sure to compare well with the prices that your local dealerships and parts retailers will be asking for the same or similar parts. You can easily and safely order your Audi fuel injectors online or via our toll-free telephone number, and if your order is more than $50, you can allow us to increase your savings even further than our low prices already do by letting us send your order by free ground shipping.