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Audi Fuel Tank

Due to its position underneath the vehicle, your Audi fuel tank is vulnerable to a variety of road hazards that are just a part of the routine daily driving experience. Before your Audi fuel tank is installed at the factory, it is treated with a heavy-duty, long lasting anti-corrosion agent. However, time does take its toll, and the relentless assault from road debris that your Audi fuel tank faces each day will eventually erode that coating, leaving the surface vulnerable to being compromised by the gravel, rocks and stones that strike it. Once the surface has been breached, salt laden road splash can let rust get a start in the fissures on the surface of your Audi fuel tank. Rust will eventually eat its way through the Audi fuel tank, allowing a leak to occur. However, rust is not only a danger to the outside of the Audi fuel tank, and when water contaminated fuel ends up in the tank or condensation forms, rust can start on the inside and work its way out. While your first thought when considering a leaking Audi fuel tank may be of all of your hard earned money laying in a useless, wasted pool underneath your vehicle, no small matter with the prices we pay today, that is far from the most serious matter at hand. A leaking Audi fuel tank should be dealt with as soon as possible, because under certain conditions it can be a life-threatening matter. It is rare, but a real possibility, that if your Audi fuel tank leak is allowing the highly flammable fuel to come into contact with the hot, heat retaining exhaust parts that the fuel can ignite, perhaps even following the path of the leak right back into the fuel tank, causing an explosion in which you'll be lucky if it is only your vehicle that is seriously damaged. You can order your Audi fuel tank replacement online or via our toll-free number, and we'll be happy to provide free ground shipping, as we do for all orders over $50.