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Audi Knock Sensor

If your Audi knock sensor has failed, you'll need to replace it right away, as without it, your engine lacks an important protection against damage to some of the more sensitive, as well as expensive, parts of your combustion system. What the Audi knock sensor does is send a signal to the main computer of your vehicle when it detects the vibration that indicated that the fuel has detonated instead of burned. When the fuel detonates, or explodes, rather than burns, it often is happening too soon and outside of the correct combustion area, which means that, if left unchecked, serious damage to such parts as your pistons can occur, which are much more difficult and costly to replace than is your Audi knock sensor. When the main computer receives the signal from your Audi knock sensor that the timing of the combustion needs to be adjusted, it will make the appropriate change and, if needed, signal the need for an adjustment in the air-to-fuel ratio. As with any part that has to do with the combustion process, a malfunctioning or completely failed Audi knock sensor can have a negative effect on fuel economy, and cause you to pay even more at the pump than you already do. Our online catalog features a broad range of aftermarket replacement parts and accessories for your year and model of Audi, and amongst those parts, you'll find an excellent Audi knock sensor selection that covers numerous years and models. When you enter your basic vehicle information, you'll be shown a list of Audi knock sensor replacement options suitable for your specific vehicle, making it simple to select the right one for you. Our secure online ordering system and our toll-free line is available to take your Audi knock sensor order efficiently, and our smooth order processing will soon have it on the way.