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Audi Oil Pan

The Audi oil pan is, in a sense, the foundation of the lubrication system on your vehicle. When the vehicle is parked, the vast majority of the oil drips back down into the Audi oil pan, except for the little bit that the oil filter keeps up top to ensure that those parts needing it have enough lubrication upon the starting of the vehicle to carry them through until the engine heats up and the oil begins to flow throughout the lubrication system. It is from the Audi oil pan that the oil pump draws the oil up in into the engine, pushing it first through the oil filter to remove any potentially damaging particles that it may contain. If the Audi oil pan is damaged or otherwise develops a leak, such as through the deterioration of the gasket or through rust, the balance of the lubrication system can be disrupted by significant oil loss. If the leak is gradual and you check your oil frequently, there is less of a chance of real damage occurring to the parts that depend on the oil to preserve their function, but if you are a sporadic oil checker or the leak is significant, such as if someone runs over something with your vehicle, creases your Audi oil pan and never says a word about it, you could lose enough oil to cause other, more expensive problems. Replacing your Audi oil pan is not a difficult task, though it will be a messy one. You'll easily find the correct Audi oil pan replacement for your vehicle in our well-organized online catalog, ready to order, either online or by dialing our toll-free telephone number.