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Audi Oxygen Sensor

Your Audi oxygen sensor is a critical factor in seeing to it that your combustion process is as efficient as it can be, which will help to preserve your fuel mileage and vehicle performance. Located in the exhaust system, not too far away from the area of combustion, the Audi oxygen sensor monitors the amount of oxygen in the exhaust after the fuel is burned. If the oxygen is not at a correct level, that indicates that there is a problem with the air-to-fuel ratio, and the Audi oxygen sensor sends a signal to the main computer of the vehicle, informing it that an adjustment needs to be made. Then, the computer makes the adjustment and the Audi oxygen continues its task, monitoring and signaling, seeking to achieve and maintain the right air-to-fuel ratio to create the most efficient fuel burn possible. This is important to your pocket, of course, as if your vehicle is using its fuel efficiently you will keep your fuel usage to a minimum, something we all strive for with prices what they are today. However, your Audi oxygen sensor does more than just benefit your pocket, it also benefits the environment, as properly burned fuel produces less harmful emissions to pollute the air we breathe. Your Audi oxygen sensor helps keep your power and performance levels up, as the quality of the fuel burn has a great influence on how well your vehicle runs, as well as upon the lifespan of such sensitive parts as the catalytic converter. A malfunctioning or completely failed Audi oxygen sensor can push a catalytic converter to failure long before its time. You can soon have your Audi oxygen sensor replacement on its way by placing your order online or directly with one of our courteous customer service specialists by dialing our toll-free telephone number.

Audi Oxygen Sensor Models