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Audi Starter

Your Audi starter is one of those parts that it really is not unreasonable to have to change once or twice over the lifetime of your vehicle. Usually what causes an Audi starter to fail is that the brushes inside of it, which serve to transfer energy to the core of the starter, wear away to the point that they are no longer able to perform that task. Another common way that an Audi starter can fail is the eroding of the teeth of its pinion gear. If a failed Audi starter that has left you stranded somewhere you'd rather not be, and the reason for the failure is due to the brushes, you may be able to get one last start out of it by tapping firmly on the starter in the region of the brushes, making them turn enough to provide just a little bit more power, hopefully enough to turn the engine. You'll have a couple of choices to make when it comes time to choose your Audi starter replacement. In addition to deciding where to get your starter, from the dealership, which will likely charge you a significantly higher price than we will, or from us at a reasonable price, complemented by our practice of offering free ground shipping for all orders over $50, you'll need to decide whether you want to go with an Audi starter replacement that has been made with refurbished or rebuilt parts or if you want to spend the little bit extra to get an Audi starter replacement that is manufactured entirely from new parts. Our online catalog features both, and you'll be able to easily compare the two types of Audi starter replacement options. Once you've chosen the Audi starter replacement that you want for your vehicle, you can order it safely online or with a toll-free call.