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Audi Tie Rod END

A critical component of your steering system, your Audi tie rod should be checked periodically for wear and tear, as this is one vehicle part that you want to be sure to replace well before complete failure occurs. That is because it is possible that, if your Audi tie rod suffers a complete failure while you are on the road and in traffic, your wheel could actually separate from the vehicle, setting up a dangerous situation with risk of bodily harm to yourself and others. However, an Audi tie rod that is worn will offer many clues as to its condition long before such a catastrophic failure occurs, and, if you know what you're looking for, you're sure to prevent such a dramatic event as the loss of a wheel. Uneven tire wear is one of the more subtle signs of an Audi tie rod in trouble. Other symptoms include a lack of stability in the front end that can be felt through the steering wheel, a clunking sound when passing over rough roads, a decrease in steering control that allows the vehicle to wander, and a general sort of sloppy handling. While some of these symptoms can be caused by mechanical difficulties other than a failing Audi tie rod, the odds are that, if they are all occurring together, that your tie rod does need to be replaced. You'll find that our online catalog features Audi tie rod selection that span many years and models of Audi, so you'll be able to find the replacement you need for your vehicle without too much difficulty. In fact, our efficient online catalog does all the locating work for you. All you need to do is add your vehicle year and model and you'll be presented with a list of the correct Audi tie rod replacement options for your vehicle. When you're ready to order your Audi tie rod, you can place your order online, via our secure site or you can make a quick, toll-free phone call.