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Audi Timing Belt

An Audi timing belt should be replaced at the recommended mile point, which can range between 60,000 and 80,000, depending upon the year and model of your vehicle, whether it is showing any wear or not. That is because the Audi timing belt is one of those rare parts that can give out suddenly and without warning, and when it does, that's it - you're stranded. The vehicle will not run until it is replaced. Because of its location, it cannot be easily check for wear frequently, so your best guide is the maintenance schedule. There are some symptoms that can alert you to an impending Audi timing belt failure, but they are rather general and can also be due to other mechanical problems brewing. However, if upon investigation the symptoms can not be attributed to any other cause, it may be a good time to have your Audi timing belt checked or, if it is close to the recommended mile point, simply replaced as a preventative measure, to avoid a sudden and inconvenient break down. These symptoms include rough running and idling, difficulty starting, a decrease in the power of the engine and a reduction in the miles you get per gallon of fuel. These symptoms reflect the purpose of the Audi timing belt, which is to keep the valves operating at the precise timing necessary to ensure that air and fuel reach the combustion chamber and exhaust is expelled as they should be. When the timing of those processes is thrown off by a faulty Audi timing belt, the aspects of vehicle performance that are most directly influenced by those processes will suffer. You can order your Audi timing belt online or via our toll-free telephone number and our streamlined order processing will soon have it arriving on your doorstep.