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Audi Tonneau Cover

Installing an Audi tonneau cover provides many benefits in addition to the sleek and stylish look it adds to your vehicle. The items that you carry or store in the bed of your vehicle stand a much better chance of staying there if they are not readily visible to passersby, and will also be well protected from the elements by the Audi tonneau cover, which is carefully engineered to prevent leaks and keep your items safe from being damaged. There are two basic types of Audi tonneau cover, with one being a hard version, often made of fiberglass that is able to be custom painted to match the exterior color of the vehicle, that conveniently folds back for access to the bed of your vehicle. The second type, a soft version of the Audi tonneau cover, is made of a durable, specialized textile, which is often vinyl coated. These commonly feature an aluminum frame and roll up, similar to a window shade, for fast and easy truck bed access. Most of the hard versions of the Audi tonneau cover and many of the soft versions can be locked for added security. When you install an Audi tonneau cover to your vehicle, you make your vehicle more aerodynamic, as the airflow no longer goes down into the open bed, and this offers yet another benefit to using the tonneau cover. With less wind resistance, your engine won't have to work so hard to move the vehicle forward, which will result in an increase of fuel mileage. You can order your Audi tonneau cover today, either online or by dialing our toll-free telephone number and our fast order processing will soon have you enjoying all the benefits that an Audi tonneau cover has to offer.