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Audi Valve Cover

Your Audi valve cover is located in the upper side of the engine, directly on top of the valves that it protects. The purpose of the Audi valve cover is to see to it the all of the parts that make up the valve train are protected and that the oil they need for the lubrication that is essential to their ability to function is contained in that space, rather than spraying all over the engine, fouling the spark plugs and damaging wires and hoses. Most often the Audi valve cover is made of steel or aluminum, and has a gasket below it that helps it to prevent the oil from leaking out. When the engine overheats repeatedly, the Audi valve cover is one of the parts that can be damaged, with the excess heat causing it to warp. If the Audi valve cover does warp, there is no other choice but to replace it. And, the sooner the better, as if it is warped, then it is not keeping the oil in place for the rocker arms, push rods, lifters and valve springs to be as well lubricated as they need to be for proper function. If these parts are not continuously lubricated, serious damage to the engine can occur. A thrown rod is not a pleasant thing to deal with. Replacing your Audi valve cover is not a difficult job, but it is one that needs to be done precisely. If you are not experienced with this type of repair, you may want to seriously consider making the small investment in a repair manual for your year and model, as the Audi valve cover bolts must be tightened to a specific torque pressure, as if they are too loose, the Audi valve cover cannot do what it is supposed to, but if too tight, the valve cover can be warped, which will also render it unable to perform its tasks. You can order your Audi valve cover easily and safely online or with a toll-free phone call.