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Audi Window Motor

If one of your windows is giving you a problem and you suspect that your Audi window motor may be the culprit in the matter, you'll want to take a few steps prior to replacing it, just to make sure that is indeed the problem. The first thing you should do is check the fuses associated with the Audi window motor and window operation and, if present in your year and model, any related circuit breakers. If those are fine, then remove the inner panel of the door and use a voltage meter to test the Audi window motor itself. If the voltage meter confirms your initial suspicions, and the Audi window motor has, in fact, failed, you'll be able to find a well priced, quality replacement in our online catalog. Chock full of aftermarket parts and accessories for your Audi, you'll find a great Audi window motor selection in our user-friendly catalog. Our online ordering process is streamlined and safe, and we also have a toll-free line that is able to take your Audi window motor order. Our efficient order processing will soon have your Audi window motor arriving, ready to be installed. Installing an Audi window motor is a job that can be performed by the average do-it-yourselfer with a well stocked tool set, though there are some steps of the procedure that will require extra care and attention to detail in order to prevent the window from breaking and to avoid serious injury by failing to secure window regulator properly. Replacing your Audi window motor will be a bit of a time consuming project, so be sure to leave yourself with enough free time to take care of it in an unhurried manner, making it less likely to neglect small, but important, details.