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Axle Bearing Master Kit

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Durable bearings are a lot of help to objects that bear heavy loads. Take your vehicle, for example. Your vehicle's suspension system comes equipped with axle bearings that carry the great weight of your vehicle and its passengers.The bearings on the axles help your vehicle's wheels rotate more easily, too. Time may come, though, when you're going to need an axle bearing master kit.This kit contains replacement axle bearings for your vehicle, since OE axle bearings can become damaged due to overuse. And don't even think about extending the use of faulty axle bearings; that can cause rough, uncontrollable suspension system performance.If you replace damaged axle bearings immediately, though, you can rest assured that the suspension system reliably supports the weight of your vehicle. To get an axle bearing master kit for your vehicle, browse our catalogs at Carparts!

• Comes complete with the necessary hardware for easy installation

• Crafted from high-grade metal, for durability

• Makes your vehicle's axles more efficient