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For how long now have you dreamed of driving your own BMW or Mercedes? Now you can get a glimpse of its feel with Balo Brakes. Brand new BMWs, Mercedes, and many other European cars are immediately bolted with Balo Brakes. BMW, Mercedes, and many other European cars trust only Balo brakes for superior stopping performance. So why would you look anywhere else?

Balo brakes are heat-treated with special alloys as the original rotors to resist fade and warping. This not only gives a better look but also ensures a showroom new performance each time the brake pedal is stepped on. Balo Brakes are well-trusted by the performance car makers with its top-of-the-line performance. Being equipped with such brakes as well makes your car's drive as swift and safe as the said high-end cars. So drive and brake with Balo brakes to feel the BMW power in your own car.

It guarantees a stop in just a pump. Balo Brakes, Balo Brake Rotors and Balo Rotors are sure to keep your feet grounded even on a heavy 240-320 KMPH run on the road. It would keep you safe and sound on your country drives and bring you to a perfect stop on your desired destination.

Balo Brand Articles

  • Choosing the Right Balo Product, For the Right Job

    German made OEM brakes are now available in the aftermarket with our selection of Balo brakes for your European car

    Why bother with cheap offshore brakes that might not give you the same performance as originalespecially when OE Balo brakes are available

    Balo brake rotors are produced from the same heat-treated steels as your original rotors

    As one of the premier suppliers to BMW and Mercedes, Balo brakes have been tested in the harshest conditions

    Balo brakes are the best brakes that most folks have never heard of. That's because Balo brakes generally are supplied right to the OE manufacturer and immediately bolted on to brand new BMWs and Mercedes vehicles. Many times, you'll get a box containing Balo brakes if you visit your European car's dealership parts counterafter all, BMW and Mercedes don't make brakes. They get them from suppliers like Balo brakes. We're fortunate to be able to source genuine Balo brakes for your European vehicle so you can install OE parts without having to pay OE prices. The Balo brakes we carry are constructed of heat-treated special alloys to resist fade and warping, and like all Balo brakes, they've been precision machined and fully balanced so they're ready to install right out of the box. Don't mess around with offshore rotors and brake components on your premium car. Install OE brakes like our Balo brakes and get showroom new performance every time you step on the pedal.

    Your BMW most likely has a Balo brake disc hiding behind the alloy wheel. That's because BMW uses the Balo brake disc more often than any other manufacturer's rotor on new vehicles thanks to their fit, performance, and resistance to warping. And while Balo brake disc components are most often sold directly to OE manufacturers, you can get the correct Balo brake disc for your European vehicle without visiting the dealership when you shop right here. Since they're OE parts, Balo brake disc components meet or exceed the manufacturer's specifications for heat tolerance and wear performance. That translates into shorter stopping distances and longer life when you use a Balo brake disc on your car. Additionally, higher-strength alloys and the correct number of cooling fins are always found on a replacement Balo brake disc. That cannot always be said about inexpensive offshore-cast brake discs found in discount auto parts chains. So get the right rotor for your European vehicle: Specify Balo brake disc components when you do your next brake job.

    You don't get to be an OEM brake supplier to some of the biggest names in the car business by slacking off. That's why Balo rotors are worth a hard look if you happen to own a European or Asian vehicle. Balo rotors start where it counts: with premium, high strength steel, heat treated for durability and endurance. From there, Balo rotors are precisely machined to OE dimensions to make a perfect replacement for your stock Balo rotors. That way, you can be assured that Balo rotors have the correct number of cooling fins, the correct thickness, and the correct runoutall things that you aren't sure of when you buy a generic replacement rotor for your ride. The bottom line is that if you want to restore your car to OE braking performance, you need OE rotors like Balo rotors. Nothing else will perform the same. Balo rotors are also now becoming available for some cars that didn't have them originally. That means you can get the performance of Balo rotors on your VW, Porsche, or Audi, then install the high-performance brake pads of your choice. The combination of Balo rotors and grippy performance pads can make for a vastly improved braking system, reducing stopping distances, fade, dust, and noise. It's not too good to be true: It's just that Balo rotors are that good, so try them when you perform your next brake job.