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Performance Package by Banks

When tuning your truck, a balance must be struck. With increased power and performance, your engine ends up working harder and putting off more heat than before. Thus, that stock cooling system does not have the capacity to cool your new tuned engine, and this has adverse effects on that power and performance you spent all that money on.

This is why Banks Bigg Hoss Bundles feature a comprehensive array of parts not just to boost your truck's performance but to deliver all the support needed to sustain that performance over the long haul. First, the Banks Bigg Hoss Bundles come equipped with a Banks Six-Gun Diesel Tuner, which can nearly double horsepower and torque. Next, the bundle features a Banks PowerPDA Vehicle Command Center kit to monitor all of the engine's components and its performance.

A Banks Techni-Cooler intercooler system then serves to bring a cool airflow into the engine while cooling the gas temperatures to optimize power. Then, the bundle comes with either a Banks 4" stainless Monster exhaust or a Diesel Duals Monster exhaust, both of which significantly reduce backpressure and clear up that uncomfortable droning sound a lot of tuned trucks make on the road.

Finally, the Banks Bigg Hoss Bundles feature Banks' lifetime high-flow Banks Ram-Air filter assembly and Banks BigHead wastegate actuator, which get the engine working harder faster. Also, the bundles for Duramax trucks include the Banks Ram-Air intake system, which can boost airflow up to 42%. Ram-Air intake systems will soon be available for other models.

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Banks Performance Package Articles

  • Banks Series: Six Gun Bundle

    The Banks Six Gun Bundles vary a bit from truck to truck, but the overall effect for each is the same: increase horsepower and torque going to the rear wheels. Common to all bundles are the Six Gun tuner itself, the Banks PowerPDA, the Monster Exhaust and the Monster Muffler. The Six Gun tuner delivers a huge boost in both horsepower and torque to your truck.

    Plus, the tuner features six levels of power, hence the name, that can be adjusted at the push of a button. The tuner also comes with ActiveSafety features that ensure the it will not interfere with any of your truck's electronics. Also with the Banks Six Gun Bundles comes the Banks PowerPDA, which is a sophisticated piece of equipment that serves to give you complete control over your truck and tuner.

    All of the Six Gun tuner's controls fit in the palm of your hand with the PowerPDA. It connects with the rest of your tuner's components wirelessly and is responsible for monitoring your tuning system, recording performance data and performing diagnostic duties. Also included in the Banks Six Gun Bundles are the Banks Monster exhaust and muffler. Together, these exhaust parts combine for a better exhaust flow and reduced backpressure, both of which make the engine perform better.

    At the same time, the Monster muffler is designed to reduce road drone noise and give your truck a more throaty sound. Note that some bundles also come with a Ram-Air filter and Wastegate actuator, depending on the truck.

  • Banks Series: Power Pack

    A Banks Power Pack features a comprehensive array of parts to boost both the power and performance of your performance tuned truck. The package is essentially an upgrade over the Stinger-Plus system. The Banks Power Pack includes a Banks Ram-Air filter, which blocks out debris and foreign particles from your engine while channeling in cool and dense air into your engine.

    This cool, denser air has contains more oxygen, making the fuel mixture richer and immediately impacting power and performance. The Ram-Air filter also comes with a maintenance kit that should be used ever 30,000 - 35,000 miles. Also, the package comes with a Ram-Air casing, which is designed to give a greater boost on the air intake side while limiting the amount of pressure loss.

    Next, the package features an OttoMind Diesel Tuner, only in packages for tuned diesels, which controls the amount of engine power being put out, the distribution of horsepower and torque, guards the torque during the clutch's engagement, and limits exhaust gas temperatures. The package also comes with a Quick-Turbo assembly to allow for immediate torque when necessary in turbocharged engines.

    The Banks Power Pack also features the Banks Monster exhaust and muffler, which combine to reduce backpressure, improve exhaust flow and to limit the droning sound many trucks experience while on the road. Finally, the package comes with a set of DynaFact gauges to monitor exhaust-gas temperatures and to regulate the amount of psi pressure in your truck's turbocharger if it has one.