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The Bentley repair manual for your car is the closest thing to a factory manual that you can find

Step by step instructions in a Bentley repair manual are more concise and more accurate than in the other tear down based repair manuals

Complete illustrations for common and not so common repair procedures fill every Bentley repair manual

Do a comparison and you'll find that where most repair manuals comprise 300 pages, a Bentley repair manual averages 600

Are you tired of vehicle repair manuals featuring instructions like remove engine? The lack of detail given for important, complex operations is appalling sometimes. That's why we think you'll appreciate a Bentley repair manual for your vehicle. We're not talking about a Bentley repair manual, as in the carmakerthis Bentley repair manual is published by the the Robert Bentley corporation, the creator of the high-quality multi-make Bentley repair manual that's been famous in serious automotive circles for decades now. A Bentley repair manual for your vehicle will be a close approximation of the factory repair manual in almost every way. That's because the Bentley repair manual is usually comprised of factory data published in a format that's easier for the home user to understand, without leaving out detail. With a Bentley manual in hand, there's no operation you can't successfully carry out, from an oil change to an automatic transmission rebuild. The instructions will be in your Bentley repair manualit's up to you to determine whether you have the skills and the tools necessary to do the job. The only downside to a Bentley repair manual is that they're only published for a limited number of cars and marques, so check our listings for yours. If you find that there's a Bentley repair manual for your car, do yourself a huge favor and pick it up. The Bentley manual is the most complete reference guide available for maintaining and repairing your vehicle.

You don't have to drive a Bentley to get a ton of use out of a Bentley service manualany TR6 or MGB driver who wouldn't think of leaving their house without their Bentley service manual can attest to that. In fact, the Robert Bentley company, who publishes every Bentley service manual, isn't even related to the car company of the same name. While the Bentley service manual isn't published for every vehicle on the market, if your car has a Bentley service manual available for it, you need to pick one up. Why? The Bentley service manual is one of the most complete references we've ever seen for a given vehicle. Since it's almost entirely comprised of factory shop data, the Bentley service manual is also one of the most accurate, complete manuals you can purchasethe authors are actually the folks who designed and built your car. Frequently, you'll find tech tips and procedures outlined in a Bentley service manual that you won't find anywhere else, and they'll be essential to doing a particular job correctly. Of course, handy, useful things like torque specifications and fluid capacities are in every Bentley service manual as well, so it's easy to look up a number you need in the middle of a repair. If you have a vehicle you're restoring or a vehicle that you plan on working on yourself, check to see if there's a Bentley service manual available for it. Even if you already have a repair manual from a different company, a Bentley service manual can augment that information and save you time and money.