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Blower Motor Relay

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Not all auto parts are fueled by the engine. Some of the devices on your vehicle, such as the air-conditioning (A/C) and lighting system, are powered by electricity from your vehicle's battery.These battery-powered devices often come equipped with motors and relays. One example is the blower motor relay used by the A/C system. The blower motor relay is responsible for switching the blower motor on and off.So whenever you start your vehicle up, the relay's coil powers the motor and, in turn, activates the blower fan. The spinning fan then forces air through the evaporator, resulting in the cool, refreshing breeze filtering through the A/C vents.So if you're having problems with getting cool air out of the A/C vents, check if the blower motor relay's working properly. If the answer's negative, don't worry. A relay replacement is easy to find here at Carparts.

• Regulates voltage flow to the blower motor

• Vital to the A/C system's performance

• Works with most OE blower motors