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BMW 1602 Parts and BMW 1602 Accessories

Thinking of taking a slow Sunday road trip on the countryside? You might want to take the classic BMW 1602 for the drive. Perfect for intimate dates and short trips to the city, this two-door embodies traditional romance and modern eleganceits vintage exterior coupled with leather interiors gives it an enduring style. Launched in a Geneva auto show in 1966, the BMW 1602 had a 4-cylinder engine that can produce up to 96 hp and 91 lb.-ft. of torque. The first version of the 1602 was a hit among reviewers, with Road & Track calling it "a great automobile at the price."

BMW 1602 was in production for 11 years. In this span of time, it was launched in a variety of versions: as a Cabriolet from 1967 to 1971, 2-door sedan in 1967 to 1968, hatchback Touring model from 1971 to 1972, and a saloon with battery-powered electric motor launched in the 1972 Olympic games. Apart from its classy trims and look, the 1602 is remembered in history as BMW's first attempt at creating electric cars. The 1602 Saloon received nods from many BMW fans when it was used as a support car in the marathon in 1972. It didn't have much range at the time (it was only capable of producing 43 hp), but it remains to be one of BMW's most memorable models.

If you've got this vehicle within your reach, make sure you keep it in its best shape with high-quality BMW 1602 parts. You can start by replacing its old brake pads, damaged fuel pump, busted headlight, and faulty spark plug. Afterwards, you can clean the interior and place a new floor mat and dash cover to restore its original style. You can even get add-ons like cigarette lighters and pet pads. Keep your 1602's style, performance, and luxury with proper maintenance and repair.