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BMW 2002 Alternator

Symptoms of a Bad BMW 2002 Alternator

Other than the battery, a BMW2002 alternator keeps your car's electrical components working. It runs everything in and on the car that needs electricity: power windows, radio, headlights, the spark plugs in the engine, and many more. If the electrical warning light on your dashboard lights up, stop the car and find out what's wrong. There's no point in riding and driving your car if you have a broken one. Here are some things you should look out for to detect the signs of a bad BMW 2002 alternator:

Lack of power

Various electrical devices on your car that begin to fail or weakly run one by one are a sign of a bad BMW 2002 alternator problem. Headlights may become dim, the radio doesn't work, the air conditioning feels weak, some lights die, or the engine has difficulty running.

Low voltage

A voltmeter is a good tool to help you check the condition of the BMW 2002 alternator and battery. The car should give a reading around 14 volts with just the engine running and all devices off. When devices are turned on, it should drop to about 13 volts. Your BMW 2002 alternator should be replaced if the readings on both setups are significantly lower than expected.

Unusual noise

A BMW 2002 alternator in good condition should run smoothly and quietly. If you happen to hear an unusual high-pitched noise, this is not a welcoming tune. It's usually caused by one, or a combination of three things: a bad drive belt on the alternator, worn bearings inside the alternator, or defective diodes. Replacing or tightening the belt drive should fix the problem. If this doesn't solve the issue, a new alternator is necessary.

Odd scent

The smell of burnt rubber may signify a bad BMW 2002 alternator. This is due to the friction produced by the drive belt rubbing too much on the metal parts. Aside from the belt, your car may simply be using an overheated alternator. This is usually caused by an alternator not rated high enough to supply the electrical demands of the devices in your car.

  • Making it Easy on a BMW 2002 Alternator

    A BMW 2002 alternator has a big job to do with regards to the smooth operation of your car. This small device is part of the system that is tasked to provide the different components on your BMW with all the electricity it needs-and this is no easy task. Failures are common to owners who neglect the condition of the part. Regular care and maintenance should be practiced at all times. Push it beyond its limit and you risk stressing and overheating the alternator. Follow these tips to help lighten the load and prolong the service life of the BMW 2002 alternator.

    • Check with a voltmeter.
    • Check with a voltmeter to see if electricity is running smoothly in the circuit. Not only would you be able to check the condition of the BMW 2002 alternator, you also get to see if the battery is charged enough. Sudden drops in voltmeter readings can alert you to work on the parts at once before it's too late.
    • Connect wires and terminals.
    • A good path for the electricity to run on is vital for the BMW 2002 alternator, and any other part that runs on electricity. Rusted, snapped, and loose wires should be replaced at once. Loose grounds and weak connections are to be avoided as well. Any hindrances to this path increases the work required from the alternator to push the electricity through.
    • Keep the right alternator-belt tension.
    • Make sure that the belt drive running the BMW 2002 alternator is given enough slack. Over tightening it may cause bearings and other internal parts to fail before these are supposed to. Make it too loose and there may not be enough pull to get the alternator fully operational.
    • Use a properly rated alternator.
    • Your stock BMW 2002 alternator should be able to handle the demands of the car's stock parts. If the demands rise, the power of the alternator should go up with it. The addition of modifications and extra accessories-like new lights, entertainment system, customized stereo, etc-may be a problem because the stock alternator may not have enough juice to power these upgrades.