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BMW 325i Grille

BMW 325i Grille Quick Fixes

The BMW 325i prides itself with its sleek and elegant image. One of the worst things that can mar its authoritative image is a damaged and worn out grille, more so for the BMW 325i as it known for its unique split grille. The grille is a part of the vehicle where the air is allowed to flow through. It is made of either two types of plastic: Styrene or ABS and is normally in front of the radiator to keep the engine's temperature cool at all times. Aside from its technical purpose, the grille also serves as a stylish filter for the air that goes into the vehicle. However, being in front makes the grille vulnerable to damages which can be hard to overlook. And BMW 325i grille replacements are quite expensive to replace. So hold on to your wallets and check out this few simple fixes first:

Cracked grille

Being made of styrene or ABS plastics, the grilles can be repaired with just acrylic solvent cement or gap-filling cement, an applicator and a few minutes of your time. Make sure to let the cement cure for one to two days before driving as movements will cause the cement to deteriorate and fall off.

Scratched paint

Paint scratches on the grill may seem trivial to some but it diminishes the polished look off of your BMW 325i. Dismiss trying to ignore it and do the repainting yourself. You do not need a professional to do this; all you need is sandpaper, a primer, an automotive paint with a flex additive and a few minutes of your time. After sanding off the scratch, put in the primer and base coat. Once this is done, carefully paint the grilles then finish off with a clear coat of paint.

Bug and grime residue

Dirty grilles are unavoidable. It comes with the territory of being in front. However, when left alone, the bug and grime residue not only becomes a frightening image but also damages your grille's paint. Do away with the muck by washing your grilles with a toothbrush or a soft dishwashing brush, warm water and liquid dishwashing soap. After rinsing thoroughly, let dry then apply bug and tar remover on stubborn stains. You can easily wipe them off after three minutes.

Dirty chrome grilles

For chrome grilles, removing stains and cleaning is a little different. The procedure requires a quick gentle washing with water and mild liquid soap. Scrubbing it with a brush will cause scratches, so to remove the grime, wipe it off using a microfiber rag. You can remove rust stains with a wet aluminum foil. To finish it off, apply a light coat of chrome polish to bring back the chrome grille's shine.

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  • Keeping Your BMW 325i Grille Handsome 27 February 2013

    It is said that your vehicle reflects your personality. Driving a BMW 325i not only commands respect but also gives an air of sophistication. These traits are hard to express with a dirty and worn BMW 325i grille. The distinctive BMW split grille not only serves as a protection for your engine, it also is your car front face. Or nose if you may. Imagine driving a BMW 325i to a party, and the first thing they see is a nasty looking grille. Not a nice thought right? Here are ways to keep your BMW's nose squeaky clean for a long time:

    Wash them regularly

    We wash our face at least once a day, as most people judge us by our faces. Same goes with our vehicles. Not only should you wash the body of the car, make sure the grilles are also kept clean from dust, debris and bug residues. This not only makes your grille look nice but will also prevent the debris from reaching your engine causing serious damage in the end.

    Repair them

    Replacement grilles are really expensive especially for BMWs. But leaving the grilles broken should not be an option when repairing it is quite easy. Fill in the cracks with acrylic solvent cements or gap-filling cements. Then paint over it to make it look as good as new. Just make sure to let the cement cure before driving your BMW out or you'll end up repairing it all over again.

    Keep them rust free

    Some grilles use chrome and these types are prone to rusting. You can prevent this from happening by keeping the grilles clean and dry. You can also stop rust in its tracks by rubbing wet-foil to remove the rust and applying chrome finish on it regularly.

    Wax them

    Whether your BMW uses plastic Styrene, ABS or even metal chrome, waxing it every after repair or repainting is advisable. Not only does waxing keep your grilles looking nice and shiny, but it will also extend its service life. The wax protects the paint and the grille itself from the natural elements.