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BMW 325i Ignition Coil

Helpful Tips on Ignition Coil Maintenance

Just as with the spark of life that the Earth needed to kick start the evolution, all it takes for a car to get rolling is a spark from the ignition. This is necessary for the car to start-up and heat up; getting to take you to places you need to go. But as time passes, so does the state of your ignition coil. Here are some helpful tips for you in caring for your ignition system:

  • Remove the connectors one after the other

    Take off the connectors one by one without removing the little red silicone seal on it. A ΒΌ clock-wise twist should dislodge them fairly easily. Remove them according to the arrangement of the cylinder in order for you to be able to return them in exactly the same order. After removal, clean the hose from which you removed them by using a compressed air blower
  • Remove the plastic cover and the soft iron shield

    Manipulate the coil nose off the tip of the coil. Take note that the molded seals on the coils are formed to hold the seal on, and they need to be cleaned in order for the spark to stay contained. The better the spark, the more power can be coaxed from the engine, so it is good to have clean, shiny coils.
  • Clean the tip of the coils

    Remove the seal off the top of the coils. It is recommended to use a soft, clean, lint-free cloth and a cleaning solution to clean these coils. Clean the top of the coil molding if it is covered with a sort of rusty substance. Cleaning this is important to prevent sparks discharging right into the cylinder. It is also important to note that this can only be done by you, as services often overlook them when cleaning or repairing your car.
  • Always keep the insulator clean and untouched

    Keeping the plug insulator in pristine condition can mean great payoffs for you and your car. Neglecting this cause can lead to frequent misfires which could affect the power supplied to the car. More often than not, this also leads into bigger problems than just power loss, such as dangerous engine stalls. The simple way to avoid this is to make sure about the cleanliness of the insulator.
  • Keep the coils extra clean

    When fixing ignition coils back into the car, take care to touch only the metal parts of it. Even the slightest smudge or blemish on it can lead to misfires in the coils due to wayward sparks. Keeping the coils in pristine condition by repeatedly cleaning them with care can help you avoid engine stalls and misfires. Remember, a good spark always equates to good ignition.
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