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BMW 330i Window Regulator

How to Pinpoint a Bad BMW 330i Window Regulator

Windows on the BMW 330i refusing to go up and down are fairly common to the model. Unfortunately, it can't be easily said that the cause are bad BMW 330i window regulators. There are other possibilities to consider whenever you are having difficulty with the glass. It can either be an electrical problem or a mechanical problem on the regulators themselves. To be certain that the issue revolves around the BMW 330i window regulators, there are a few steps you can take to isolate this as the only problem. Try these out first before you commit waste money to buy replacement parts.

Fuse and wiring issues

For power windows that work via a switch, the problem might be electrical in nature. There might be a blown fuse, a cut wire, or a damaged circuit. If you are certain the wires and other electrical parts work, it's one step closer to isolating the window regulator. A good way to check if electricity is moving across the car is to try and turn on other electrical devices: radio, air conditioning, interior lights, headlights, etc. If these work, you are at least assured that your components are powered. Try operating all switches to move the windows. If all windows fail to move, there may be something wrong electrically.

Stuck motor

New motors are available and are less expensive instead of the complete window-regulator assembly. A running motor should make a discreet hum when you turn the switch. If you try to adjust the windows and you don't hear anything, chances are you have a stuck or busted motor.

Broken lifters or misaligned window

You may have a motor of the BMW 330i window regulator that's running, yet the window still doesn't move. On the occasion that it does move, it may not be reliable enough to work all the time. These points to a problem in the other parts of the regulator: the lifter, cable, or runner. Open the interior door panel to have a full view of the part. You may find these parts in question to be already damaged. Now you can be sure that your BMW 330i window regulator needs a replacement.

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  • Prolonging BMW 330i Window Regulators

    Broken BMW 330i window regulators are very common to the model. It is so common that it wouldn't hurt to have a replacement set provided with every purchase of the car. It appears to be an inevitable problem waiting to happen. You wouldn't want to experience driving your car with stuck windows on a hot day or when it's cold outside. There are a couple of ways to delay having a bad regulator. These revolve around smart operation and regular maintenance of the part. Doing these will save you lots of time and money to avoid the dreaded BMW 330i window regulator failure.

    • Operation when cold
    • Window regulators are made of a combination of plastic and metal parts. During cold weather, these become stiff and brittle. If you must adjust the windows under such conditions, do so in short, successive, and moderated bursts. This will prevent sudden shocks to the parts of the BMW 330i window regulator. Lift or lower your window in an uncontrolled manner and you might end up snapping the regulator's parts, while you take in the unforgiving chills of the weather.
    • Cleaning and lubrication
    • Even if the window regulator is kept safely inside the interior panel of the door, it doesn't mean it's free from destructive dirt and other impurities. A lowered window exposed to the elements introduces dust and water to those internal parts as well. It won't hurt to regularly remove the interior panel to check the regulator once in a while. A dry rag can get rid of any build-up on the motor, lifters, and rods. After a good clean, finish it with enough lubrication to ensure smooth movement during operation. Silicone spray is one of the popular choices for the job. Don't use too much or else you'll end up with smudges all over the door.
    • Replacing bushings, screws, and bolts
    • After a couple of years, a car begins to show its age. As far as BMW 330i window regulators are concerned, it's also a good idea to change the small parts such as the bushings, screws, and bolts. These are easily replaceable and separate parts that don't require you to buy a complete set.