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BMW 540i Alternator

How to Avoid Damaging your BMW 540i Alternator

Doctors are perpetually reminding their patients to exercise and eat right so that they can have longer and better lives. You should have the same persistence in checking up on your car and its parts. One of the most important things that you need to take care of is the alternator because it powers your car's entire electrical system. A BMW 540i alternator is a water-cooled unit that's quite expensive to replace. However, it can provide a higher output rated at 150 amperes, lower noise levels, longer reliability, and an additional heat source for air conditioning. Here are a few simple tips on how you can take care of this costly and complex car part:

  • Avoid using your 540i on short trips

    Getting into your BMW to pick up a sandwich from the really good deli that's just a few blocks away feels like a good thing. However, you need to realize that this actually damages your alternator since it cannot provide enough charge to your battery. It can only supply a slight charge if your 540i has been driven around for more than a few minutes. Go walk those few blocks instead, and your doctor will appreciate the extra exercise you do.

  • Avoid using too many electrical devices at the same time

    Singing along to the radio while driving on a cold stormy night may seem like scene from the movies, until you realize the horror that this can do. Simultaneously using electrical car parts can make the BMW 540i alternator cause voltage drops across the electrical system. When your headlights start to flicker, turn off some of the more unnecessary gadgets and enjoy another great drive in silence.

  • Avoid using the alternator to charge up dying batteries

    It's part of your alternator's job to charge up your BMW's battery after your engine starts or after slight discharges. However, don't use the alternator on a heavily discharged battery so you can avoid overloading it. Get a battery charger and connect its red cable to the battery terminal of the same color, and then connect the black cable to the chassis. Let the battery charge up until the anmeter gets a zero reading.

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