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BMW 540i Door Handle

Broken Bmw 540i Door Handle Symptoms

Problems with the door handles of the Bmw 540i lessen the luxurious feel of this executive sedan. When this breaks, opening the car's door becomes a major headache. What makes things even worse is that both the interior and exterior handles are susceptible to this problem. Any issue that concerns the doors that are supposed to keep you safe and secure is a major risk to you and your passenger's safety. Before you end up in an unfavorable situation, it's important that you know when you should replace these door handles. Here are a few symptoms you should look for.

Minimal resistance

There should be some fight from the door handles whenever you try to pull these. If it feels as if the ones on the 540i are as light as a feather, it means that the mechanisms inside the panel are loose or broken. One common culprit is the Bowden cable that releases the latch holding the door shut and its fallen clips that hold the cable in place. This is usually caused by somebody applying too much force on the handle to open it while the door is locked. With too much pressure in play, something has to give. In this case, the door's mechanisms are the one that fails.

Non-closing door

The direct cause of a problematic door that doesn't want to close and stay shut also involves the Bowden cable. This is usually caused by the extreme weather temperatures the cable is subjected to. Make it too hot or too cold and the part has a tendency to snap. The handles of the Bmw 540i also have a role in breaking the cable. When these are pulled strongly when closing it-add to this the factor of extreme temperatures-there is a greater chance the cable will fail.

Scratches and scars

Scratches on the face of the handle are more of a cosmetic issue rather than a mechanical concern. This type of problem on the exterior handles is caused by people's fingernails that damage the paint job. This shouldn't be a big priority, but it's still one thing you might want to look at.

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  • BMW 540i Door Handle Service Tips

    Most problems that involve Bmw 540i door handles fall under the user's negligence and misuse of the part. When you happen to have broken ones on your car, you'd hate yourself when you discover that this could have been avoided in the first place. You just have to be a smart and responsible driver or passenger for you to avoid the hassles of repairing and replacing damaged ones. There are also a couple of cosmetic tips you can do to prolong the looks of the handles. These shouldn't be too difficult for you to do if you're really into taking care of your car and its parts.

    Handle doors gently.

    This maintenance tip is about a person's handling of the part. The door handles of the Bmw 540i are at its user's mercy whenever these are being used. Too much force and these are more prone to breaking. When opening the door, try to limit your effort when pulling it so that the cable inside the door panel doesn't break. Also, don't jump the gun by trying to open the door while it is still locked as doing this induces too much stress on the parts. If the cord breaks and snaps, the handles are pulling nothing and it leaves you with a door you can't open.

    Perform temporary repairs

    If you still end up damaging the mechanisms of your car's door handle, try to perform temporary repairs on the part rather than drive around with a door you can't open or close properly. A good way to do this is to use cable ties to get everything together. It can't be stressed enough that a procedure like this is only a temporary job. Do a legitimate and complete repair on any broken part as soon as possible.

    Clean parts regularly.

    This tip focuses on the looks of the door handles of the Bmw 540i rather than its performance. Don't forget to clean the grooves and hidden areas of this part whenever you wash your car. Apply a fair amount of wax and polisher on these as well to get rid of any scars on it due to the scratching fingernails of people trying to open the door. There are many of products in the care-care market that can take of this very well.