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BMW 540i Headlight

Culprits behind Bmw 540i Headlight Problems

Problems with the Bmw 540i headlight are fairly common for the model. Owners have reported various instances wherein these have been difficult regardless if the car is being driven or parked. Issues can be caused by different components found throughout the lighting system: the housing, the bulb, and even to the relay. Knowing what the real problem is and its solution lies on being keen and observant on what the certain signs are telling you. Here are some of the symptoms, along with a possible solution, that show you the common culprits to a Bmw 540i headlight problem.

Flickering lights

Lights aren't supposed to flicker if you turn the knob to the on position. If it's on, it's supposed to steadily stay on; if it's off, it's supposed to stay shut. The problem may simply be in old and worn bulbs that need replacement. When this isn't the case, it's possible that there may be something wrong with the wirings and connections in the headlights.

Permanent lights

A worse problem to have on your headlights is having ones that won't turn off even after you switch the knob to the off position. If that's not bad enough, the lights continue to stay on even after you kill the engine and remove the key. The common culprit is a faulty Bmw lighting control module (LCM) that acts like a relay that sends electricity to the lights. Replacing the faulty module should solve the issue.

Loose lights

The bulbs of your headlights should stay firm and secure when installed to the housing. Any sign of excessive play and looseness is indicative of a problem with the adjusting mechanism of the assembly. You should get this checked at once so that the bulbs maintain a steady aim throughout your use of the car.

Misaimed lights

The automatic aiming system of the Bmw 540i headlights ensure that the lights are always pointing in the right level and direction at all times. If it constantly changes, manually readjusting it won't do the trick. It may be necessary to check and replace the automatic tilt sensors of the car that controls the aim of the light.

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  • Prolonging the Life of a Bmw 540i Headlight

    Imagine the difficulty of working when suddenly you feel teary eyed or when there's a speck of dust on your eye. You can't help but stop whatever you're doing just to clear your vision. Something similar to this also happens every time you fail to maintain or clean your Bmw 540i headlights. As the eyes of your car at night, you'd have considerable difficulty in driving because of the limited brightness caused by dirty lenses or bad bulbs. Here are some of the things you can do to prolong the life of your headlights.

    Clean foggy lenses.

    Clear lenses are essential to the brightness of your Bmw 540i headlights. Accumulation of dust, dirt, and sand can affect the light passing through these. The result is a decrease in visibility at night. Simple washing and wiping works. DIY cleaning instructions using different tools and formulas are available online. For tougher jobs, there are plenty of products on the market that specialize in restoring the original look of the clean headlights.

    Replace cracked lenses.

    Any opening on the lenses, no matter how big or small, of a is an avenue for dirt and other impurities to enter the rest of the headlight's components. It's easier to replace these bad lenses rather than changing a bad assembly.

    Remove water from the assembly.

    There may be water buildup inside the headlights which results to limited brightness. Drill a small hole in one of the corners and drain the liquid out of the housing.

    Wear gloves when handling bulbs.

    The glass in most modern bulbs has a protective coating. When you touch it with your bare hands, the oil from your skin ends up on the bulb's surface. The area with oil tends to extremely heat up when the lights are on, and may result to a cracked or shattered bulb. You can avoid this problem by simply wearing gloves whenever you have to handle bulbs.

    Aim the lights properly.

    Just like your eyes when you focusing on a target, it is important that your Bmw 540i headlights are aimed at the right direction. It may be necessary to do this if your car is carrying too much weight at the back, causing the front end to rise.