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BMW 540i Window Regulator

Some Problems You May Come Across with BMW 540i Window Regulator

Whenever you wish to let fresh air in through your BMW 540i's windows, the window regulator should always be there to do the job. And although it generally works fine, it is not a surprise to encounter a few setbacks eventually. Here are some common problems you may encounter with a BMW 540i window regulator.

Windows slowly open or close or won't open or close at all

Over time, the power window switches can accumulate dirt and affect the contacts. When you try to open or close your windows and they move rather slower than normal, the culprit could be some amount of dirt buildup in the contacts. They hold back the electricity needed by the regulator. If the windows don't open or close, the same principle can be applied. When the regulator does not work at all, it could be because of the intrusion of a substantial amount of dirt that has accumulated in the switch's contacts.

In other cases where the windows open or close irregularly, the problem may lie in the cables that are located inside the door panels. These cables connect the motor and the window regulator, but they can slip off from their pulleys. When this happens, the window may travel up or down a couple of inches or they can get stuck in one position, signaling a broken cable. You had better take off the door panel carefully, and examine the window regulator to know for sure.

Busted fuse

The next time you try using the switch on your BMW 540i window regulator and it doesn't work, try all the other switches as well. If all of them don't function, a possible cause would be a busted or blown fuse. Check the fuse to confirm if it is busted. You can find the fuse box in the trunk near the battery.

Motor breakdown

If you experienced changing window regulators more than once in just a year, the problem may lie in misaligned or overly tight window glass tracks. This situation can cause too much stress in the window regulator that results in motor burn up. Another possible cause is having worn or out-of-adjustment glass gaskets. When water enters through the leaking gaskets and soak the window regulator motors, it can also cause them to burn up.

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  • How to Prevent Window Problems with BMW 540i Window Regulator

    A window regulator is an inexpensive luxury when driving, since you can just push the switch to roll down the windows and enjoy some fresh air. But many car owners have experienced a number of problems when opening or closing their car's windows such as sluggish opening or closing or not moving at all. So maintaining your BMW 540i window regulator should be as much of a concern to you as maintaining the other car components. Here are a few quick guides to help you enjoy the benefits of fit window regulators:

    • Align the glass tracks and the window properly.
    • Check the window glass tracks and make sure they are properly aligned. If, in any way, they become misaligned or are too tight, they can put a lot of stress on the window regulators. This will result in motor burn up. So at the very first sign of difficulty in rolling the windows down or up, don't push it. Instead, check the glass tracks as soon as possible. While you're at it, take time to also align the window with the regulator so that the holes of the regulator entirely line up with those of the window.
    • Make sure there is adequate water drainage and that the glass gaskets are in their proper places.
    • While you are in the process of checking the glass tracks, make the effort to also guarantee that there is adequate water drainage through the door panel. This is to guarantee that rainwater or any other liquid will not infiltrate the window regulator motors. Otherwise, they will cause the motor to burn up.
    • Lubricate the window motor.
    • Once you hear any squealing or creaking as the window slides up or down slowly, it's time to lubricate the gears inside the window regulator. You can do this by taking off the inner door panel and locating the metal strips coming out of the window regulator motor. Lubricate them up using bearing packing grease and roll the window up and down. If you still hear any squeals or creaks, apply more grease. Do this repeatedly until the squeals and creaks stop.